Under the brand name is known as Andriol or Undestor . Andriol is one of the few new steroids developed in recent years. Unlike most anabolic steroids , which have been put on the market already in the fifties and sixties (and which part was again withdrawn) , there are only Andriol since the early eighties . This situation is likely to explain why Andriol holds a special position among steroids . Andriol is a revolutionary steroid because, besides methyltestosterone is the only effective oral testosteronovým preparation. Testosterone itself loses during oral use efficiency because it is absorbed through the portal vein and immediately inactivated by the liver. The active substance contained Andriol Testosterone Undecanoat is absorbed from the intestine into the lymphatic system , without passing through the liver. This fact causes its efficiency even at oral application. Liver function is not affected. Testosterone is Undecanoat ester fatty acids - the natural androgen testosterone in the body is largely converted to dihydrotestosterone - metabolite of testosterone. Therefore Andriol aromatizes least , that is a very small part of the active substance can convert to estrogen , as nearomatizuje dihydrotestosterone ( only with prolonged use of high doses ) . Andriol has only a small inhibitory effect on the hypothalamus , which influences the secretion of LHRH ( Luteinizing Hormone Releasing Hormone ) is completely negligible . Undecanoat testosterone in the body very rapidly degraded and excreted in urine . Capsules are therefore effective only for a few hours . Women should resign Andriol , because even in this preparation (like testosterone ) are strongly androgenic component represented. Potential adverse effects of the use of Andriol may be high blood pressure , fluid retention , acne , excessive sexual stimulation in women known virilising. Andriol should be stored in a cold (6-15 ° C ) , preferably in the refrigerator . Capsules have very low resistance to heat and in contact with sunlight .

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