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Clenbuterol is a popular cure for bodybuilders and other athletes. It belongs to a category of compounds known as beta-agonists that bind to beta-adrenergic receptors deposited in the cell membrane - they serve cellular signaling, break down fat and activate growth in muscle cells.
These features give clenbuterol a unique ability to burn fat and build muscle at the same time.

It seems that each race season brings with it a new substance that promotes athletes' performance. At least that was the case for the Summer Olympics held in Barcelona, ​​Spain in 1992, where two American athletes were positively tested for clenbuterol - the active ingredient of many asthmatic preparations. Its use has become widespread lately, although it is not a substance based on anabolic steroids.

However, clenbuterol also has its drawbacks. One of them is the rapid braking of its functioning inside the cell. Recent scientific evidence even suggests that clenbuterol not only rapidly loses its anabolic potential, but can also stimulate muscular atrophy for too long, by increasing the myostatin content, a molecule that is detrimental to the muscles.

Myostatin is part of the transforming growth factor beta (TGF-beta) from a super family of growth factors. Unlike other growth factors, unfortunately, hypertrophy prevents and stimulates atrophy. However, there are supplements that block myostatin, which should help clenbuterol.

Such supplements should also reduce the amount of clenbuterol needed for muscle growth, which should also reduce its degradation within the cell and further improve its anabolic potential.

Side effects of clenbuterol - short and long term

    taking clenbuterol may lead to a decrease in potassium and taurine levels and thus to the occurrence of muscle spasms. In part this can be prevented by supplemental potassium supplementation.

    - anxiety, anxiety - during clenbuterol you may experience (and often experience) anxiety, paranoia and nervousness.
    - hand tracing - a very common phenomenon. The tracing can be even strong enough to negatively affect common things like writing, working with the phone or work where fine motoring is needed
    - problems with sleep - insufficiently hard sleep, trouble to sleep
    - heart problems - clenbuterol has strong negative effects on the heart, increases heartbeat and blood pressure. Extreme abuse of this substance may result in stroke or infarction.
    - headaches, vomiting, sweating - clenbuterol does not suit everyone and can cause very severe headaches that can lead to vomiting. This is also not favored by the fact that clenbuterol increases your body temperature by approximately 1/2 degrees.

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