Anavar is probably, and certainly is, in my mind, the safest steroid on the market today. It’s really hard to hurt yourself with this steroid. You really would need to abuse it. It is not liver toxic, unlike Dianabol, Winstrol or Anadrol. In fact, there have been tests showing it had no negative effects on the liver at all! So when you buy Anavar online make sure it is from legit sources, such as ours. It was originally designed in the 1960′s as a mild anabolic that could be safely be used by men, women and even children.


*Gasps* Did he say women and children!?


While I am in no way recommending it to children, that was what it was created for.


Do I recommend it to women? Yes, 100%. Anavar is one of the best steroids out there for women, and can help them reach that next level in fat loss and building muscle! Not to mention the strength gains most guys would die for.


Anavar was initially given to help patients gain as much lean tissue growth after some kind of trauma, such as a car crash or major surgery (even HIV). Another positive of Anavar is, unlike many drugs, it also helps support the bone density of people who suffer from the effects of corticosteroids or osteoporosis. It is also commonly used today to help those who suffer from aids related muscle wasting and to help recovery in burns victims.


Many people like anavar because of it is absolutely non toxic. But for some people can be reason very high price. Please do not believe to cheaper variant of "Anavar" tablets usually contains Methandienone or Methyltestosterone but not Oxandrolone (Anavar), these two substances are very toxic!



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