Metabolic pathways leading to the synthesis of proteins, fats and carbohydrates are referred to as anabolic. Their counterbalance mechanisms are identified as catabolic, which are responsible for the degradation and decomposition of complex structures such as proteins or fats. A healthy person will always move in the metabolic state of equilibrium where the anabolic and catabolic processes balanced. AS is a substance whose structure is very similar to the male sex hormone testosterone and therefore may also affect the formation of tissues. Synthetic AS have all been designed suitable modification of the testosterone molecule. This modification of various types have been developed which are somewhat different properties. Individual steroid preparations and have different quality ratio androgenic (male characteristics highlighting) and anabolic (growth-promoting tissue) effects. Efforts to suppress androgen action of testosterone led to the development and production of so-called. Anabolic steroids, for which, however, never been to suppress androgenic properties. For example, some of the AS minimum support increases male characteristics (eg Anavar), which are therefore more used by women. Unfortunately, these too do not support the AS or the formation of new tissue. This led to the conclusion that these two effects is indivisible. Modification of testosterone helped create AS, which are processed by the body more slowly. If you take oral free testosterone (chemically modified), will be immediately absorbed liver. If you take it orally, passing first through the liver and then gets into skeletal muscle. Up to 98% of free testosterone is absorbed already in his first pass metabolism. Free testosterone injected first gets into the muscle and then to the liver. However, there is a 98% free testosterone is absorbed already in his first pass metabolism. AS to be effective, must be able to (before they become ineffective) several times to pass through the bloodstream. By modifying the testosterone molecule and the addition of the elements of (alkyl) at a specific site (also known as Alpha position - also referred to as position 17 atoms) have been created AS, which are difficult for the liver processors (Alpha-alkyl). AS based on this principle are capable of passing through the liver several times before it can become ineffective. This allows you to get the AS to the muscles, causing there and have desirable effects. But the liver is then forced to work much more. Most oral AS was established following a very similar way, therefore, can cause liver damage. Injectable AS are not based on this basis, therefore, are generally safer and usually do not present a danger to the liver. AS but some, such as. stanozolol (produced as in oral as well as injectable form) are chemically comparable to oral and thus have the same effect (unfortunately the most undesirable). Major role in injectable testosterone esters AS play. Ester is a compound produced by the reaction between one fatty acid and alcohol (for AS is made esterification steroidal molecule in the position of the 17th carbon). Esterification does testosterone effective, though before being absorbed liver, makes a single pass through the bloodstream. Most of the AS injection intramuscular, so the active substance reaches the muscle rather than to the liver. These esters act longer and are safer than oral alpha-alkyl steroids. The greater the number of carbon will have a fatty acid, the slower the release of the steroid ester from the injection site in the muscle circulation and the longer the biological effectiveness of the injection preparation. Therefore, it is possible to inject for a long period. The most frequently used for the esterification are acid (names are in the form of the acid salts): propionate (3 carbons) heptanoate (7 carbons) cypionate (8 carbons) phenylpropionate (9 carbons) decanoate (10 carbons) undecanoate (11 carbons) Laura (12 carbons) hexyloxyfenylpropionát (15 carbons) Few esters (eg methenolon acetate and testosterone undecanoate) can be administered orally. It is not entirely clear why methenolon acetate is also effective orally. Testosterone undecanoate enters the bloodstream through the lymphatic system and the liver largely bypasses. These two are the esters to the liver smaller load than other oral steroids. Protein anabolism leading to reduced excretion of urea (a waste product of protein metabolism) without changes to the existing excretion of uric acid, ammonia and nitrogen. In addition there is a reduction in urinary phosphate, chloride, calcium, sodium and potassium. However, when it returns to normal nitrogen balance, anabolic effect does not continue. At this point, phase degradation occurs. Once arrested steroids, usually appears "feedback shock" accompanied by negative nitrogen balance and a significant decrease in body weight. The level of impact depends on the type of medication used, duration of administration, dosage, the total amount and the physiological state of an individual.

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