Very famous and popular Oxymetholone per preparat. Oxymetholone per strongest and most effective oral steroid. Preparation exhibits unusually strong androgenic effects on associated with the very intense anabolic component. There is a large accumulation of water, which rapidly increases muscle capacity. Because muscle cell keeps a large amount of water, whole musculature gains plain sometimes even bloated appearance. During the training followers Oxymetholoneu enormous pumping effect of trained muscles. Oxymetholone increases the number of red blood cells. Frequently mentioned "steroid pump" brings to athletes during training fantastic and satisfactory feeling. Oxymetholone per the most harmful oral steroidal, which causes a lot of serious side effects. Can cause liver problems, which manifest themselves only at the beginning of elevated liver function tests, but later, when per taken longer in high doses, can lead to liver damage. The first symptoms of liver damage per yellow nails or eyes or hepatitis. Oxymetholone per single steroid, which per se is still linked to liver cancer. The active substance oxymetholone becomes very strong estrogen herewith feminism aspects (eg. Gynecomastia) and water retention. Strong accumulation of water can pen some sportsmen increase in blood pressure. As part of the active substance changes to dihydrotestosterone (DHT), may at those individuals who have the prerequisites exist strong acne and increased hair loss. Other side effects may be headache, nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, insomnia, and diarrhea. The athlete may be due Oxymetholone feel very badly. Often a paradoxical situation where culture ista, while gaining strength and solidity, but not feeling particularly well. Greater degree of aggression is attributed to significantly increased levels of androgen and could be increased with the use of large amount of testosterone. As a result of diets intended for mass building that per calorie rich on, however often in fat, may fluctuate cholesterol, LDL values ​​to increase and decrease HDL values. Own production of testosterone in the body is reduced because Oxymetholone has an inhibiting influence on the hypothalamus. Excretion of GnRH (Gonadotrope releasing hormone) is strongly reduced or stopped. For women it can cause irreversible virilism symptoms as depending acne, and clitoral hypertrophy, deepening of the voice, excessive hair growth on the legs and beard, irregular menstrual cycle, enhanced libido and hair loss. Each Oxymetholone per female organism simply too strong, per Jim tolerated obviously wrong. In the school medicine Oxymetholone is used when bone marrow disease and anemia, impaired blood formation.

Steroids containing the active substance oxymetholone is among the most dangerous steroids. In no case should not be taken by anyone who is not even competitive ambitions riders should think twice if you really need this substance. Reverse side of the coin ever because i Fakes after discontinuation leads to the same rapid decline, as there was growth. In any case, after oxymetholone must continue steroidal another, preferably by a testosterone. We can get as oxymetholone czech Oxymetholone or Protanabol.


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