Anabolic effects: Among the athletes is very famous and popular, but opinions on its effects are quite different. Some consider it a weak steroid, Winstrol Depot but this is not the case. Whole while taking Winstrol are given a small but solid and relatively permanent additions. Moreover, it is a very expensive material, so that only a few people can afford to use large quantities.


Among the athletes Winstrol used primarily Force athletes, because it does not cause water retention and excessive weight gain. For bodybuilders is a popular drug for drawing with Primobolan, Parabolan or boldenone. In conjunction with testosterone can be very effective for strength and volumes. In comparison with other steroids has a very good anti catabolic effect (inhibition effects of cortisol). In therapy, patients with AIDS led to significant gains weight even at doses of 6-12 mg daily oral Winstrol.


Side effects: Chemically Winstrol is a derivative of DHT (dihydrotestosterone). It has a relatively low androgenic effects and not aromatized. He even claims that blocks the production of estrogen action of other steroids, with which it is combined. They are also given its effects anti progesteronic, ie. Blocking the formation of progesterone, which is beneficial for example. When combined with nandrolone and norethandrolone. Very few users indicates retention of water or any other side effects such as elevated blood pressure, convulsions, etc. The study revealed no evidence of adverse effect on the liver at therapeutic doses, but among bodybuilders in this respect is considered moderately toxic.


Dosage: The usual dose is 10-25 mg (or 50 mg) orally daily and 100-300 mg weekly injection. In Europe most Stromb tablet occurs, but due to the high valuably tablet form is usually taken cheaper version of American Veterinary Winstrol-V 50 ml ampoules. Veterinary injectable form is more effective than oral, but it is an aqueous solution, so that Winstrol can not be released gradually from the injection site as with esterified steroids. Injections are therefore often applied 2-3 times a week, sometimes every other day or every day. In addition, injection is very painful (to blame is just an aqueous solution). Therefore, many athletes injectable Winstrol drinks (shaken before use, because the white milky layer of Winstrol is mounted on the bottom!). Oral use injectable version while efficiency does not change, because Winstrol is a syringe as tablets are 17-alkylated. Women Winstrol used quite often, but nevertheless they may occur virilizing effects even at low dosage (4-8 mg daily tablets).


Due to the relatively low hepatotoxicity can enjoy Winstrol to about 8 weeks. It is quite popular, effective and relatively safe steroid, which limits the use of only high price.


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