Test 400 - Very high concentrated Testosterone

In addition to the development of secondary sexual characteristics, especially in puberty, Testosterone is also responsible for the increase in muscle mass.

It is available as an injectable form for example - Test 400 or oral preparation - Undestor, Andriol. In addition to medical use in the absence of this hormone, or in hormone therapy in breast cancer, its abuse in sport (eg in athletics, bodybuilding, etc.) is widespread. For athletes, it is an interesting quick effect of Test 400 for building up muscle mass and gaining strength. The effect of testosterone occurs after the workout to quickly regenerate the body. As a result of doping, testosterone and its derivatives are therefore prohibited by many sports associations.

Additionally, in addition to "doping hysteria in the mass media", the use of Test 400 in doses that exceed the natural blood level several times leads to prolonged health problems. It is a substance that has your complete physical development at far lower doses!

The positive effects of Test 400 include:

-Increasing the strength and volume of skeletal muscles
-Increase in bone strength
-Reduce fat stores
-Accelerate regeneration
-Increased red blood cell production
-Reduction of catabolism
-Increasing aggressiveness during training

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