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TEST P - Testosterone propionate 100mg - Magnus


TEST P 100 mg - Testosterone propionate 1000 mg / 10 ml - Magnus

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    Testosterone Propionate Magnus Pharmaceuticals – the short-acting testosterone:

    When Testosterone Propionate Magnus Pharmaceuticals is an oil dissolved, injectable testosterone with a propionate ester attached. The propionate is a so-called “short-term ester”. This means that it gives a rapid onset on one side. The half-life on the other side, however, is relatively short. The half-life of testosterone propionate is 28-30 hours, What, in practice, at least two daily injection means even better everyday. This is probably one of the main reasons why the testosterone propionate Magnus Pharmaceuticals not very often comes in bodybuilding in the construction phase for use. Daily partly voluminous injections over a period of several months are not for everyone.

    Testosterone propionate side effects

    The side effects of using testosterone propionate are significantly lower than those of the testosterone cypionate or testosterone enantat they may be obvious though. Testosterone propionate has a strong tendency to aromatize into estrogen, thereby reducing the risk of gynecomastia, excessive water retention or storing fat around the hips. For this reason, it is advisable to use products with antiestrogenic effects such as clomiphene citrate or mesterolone simultaneously with testosterone propionate.

    Testosterone propionate reduces the natural production of testosterone, as well. At the end of the anabolic cure it is recommended to use HCG, which gets the production back to normal levels.

    Because of the strong androgenic effects, there are also side effects such as acne, increased aggression, high blood pressure or high cholesterol.

    Testosterone propionate dosage

    The standard dose for humans is in the range of 500 - 1000 mg in one week. Higher quantities have no results and lead to a deepening of the side effects. Beginners with anabolic-androgenic anabolic steroids should not take more than 500mg in a week. To maximize the effect, testosterone propionate should be used every day. It is strongly recommended to combine its use with the above products. Women should avoid testosterone propionate because of its strong androgenic effects and a high risk of gynecomastia.

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