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Sustanon Swiss Remedies


10 x 1ml Sustanon 250mg/ml Swiss Remedies

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    Sustanon is a very popular steroid. Users appreciate it as it offers several advantages over other testosterone preparations.
    It is a mixture of four different testosterones that show a synergistic effect on the basis of well-coordinated formulations.
    The effect of four testosterones is time-consuming, so the sustanon begins to act very quickly and remains active for several weeks in the body.
    Thanks to the same propionate, Sustanon develops its effect over a day and decanoates for 3-4 weeks. Sustanon has a pronounced androgenic effect that links with strong anabolic components.
    Sustanon suppresses endogenous testosterone production. In women, the intake of depot testosterones is not recommended because it strongly increases androgen levels and could result in virilization symptoms.

    The side effects of sustanone are similar to testosterone enanthate, only occur less frequently, not so strongly. With regard to individual assumptions and dosages, the user can register common androgenic side effects such as acne, aggression, excessive sexual stimulation, oily skin, increased hair loss, and reduced self-production of hormones. Water retention and gynecomastia are kept "within reasonable limits", respectively. is not as common and pronounced as in enanthate and cypionate. Damage to the liver is unlikely, however, at very high dosages, however, elevated liver values ​​may occur which normally normalize upon discontinuation of the preparation.

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