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Winstrol Depot tablets


Winstrol Depot DESMA 40 tabs (2mg/tab)

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    Winstrol is an excellent anabolic steroid, known for its properties to build a rigid, dry muscle, significantly increase the power rates, burn fat and remove fluid from the body.

    High result and effect of Winstrol already is seen a great number of athletes. This drug is rightly known as one of steroids more powerful and relatively safe, since its androgenic properties reduce to a minimum.

    Very suitable as an adjunct to other steroids for both growth and volume preparation. For men, the usual dose, as the only steroid, is between 15-30 mg / day, It means about 15 tablets Winstrol Zambon per day. For females 5-10 mg. It is used for the entire cycle or in the other half. However, it is inappropriate to deploy it only for the first half of the cycle. Due to the fact that Winthrop has stopped the production of stanazolol globally, you can only buy oral form from Zambon.

    Side effects of Winstrol occur mainly at high dosages and are manifested by convulsions, headaches, changes in HDL and LDL values. Exceptionally, blood pressure may be elevated, in women it is mainly a deepening of the voice.

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