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EnanJect, Testosterone Enanthate, 2500mg/10ml, EUROCHEM

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    Testosterone enanthate is one similar to the cypionate to the depot testosterones and has a duration of about two weeks. It is the most widely used in Europe and, unfortunately, most frequently counterfeited long-term testosterone.


    Testosterone enanthate is usually used in mass building strong anabolic and androgenic cures as acting steroid base and makes this quite excellent services. While there, the enanthate, contrary to many otherwise statements, testosterone almost immediately after the injection free, but it may take 2-3 weeks, until a full performance-enhancing drug levels has built up in the blood. This is why many athletes use the short-acting testosterone propionate as a kind of "kick start" a course of treatment with depot testosterones, however, such an approach is absolutely not necessary. If you are too impatient to wait for the maximum effect of testosterone enanthate, the cure just starts with a so-called " front-load ", in which the double weekly dose is injected on the first, with larger amounts on the first and on the second day. With a targeted weekly amount of,. B. 500mg testosterone enanthate, the athlete thus injected on the first day of his cure 1000mg. As a result, an effective mirror is quickly built up of testosterone and the athlete comes earlier to enjoy the desired performance improvement. Who aims at a weekly dose of 750 mg or more, would do well to split the front-load on two consecutive "Minifrontlo- ads" to reduce the injection volume and to ensure better compatibility. In plain English, this means that you arr first day of treatment Testosterone enanthate 750mg injected to on the following day, repeat this procedure again. Thus, the athlete starts with full 1500mg and is as fast and reliable to use the strong anabolic effect of testosterone enanthate for themselves.


    Testosterone enanthate is often referred to as a European counterpart to the predominantly used in the USA cypionate. As the attentive reader has probably already read in the profile of Cypionats, this comparison is not too far-fetched, there are different not very strong both testosterone esters, neither of effectiveness, nor of the duration or the price. Both preparations have similar Haibwertzeiten even if the most of Cypionats is given as 8-9 days marginally longer. However, this small difference does not particularly affect the validity or the results to be expected. Both preparations act strong anabolic and androgenic so impressive size and strength can be expected. No wonder that testosterone is referred to as the "King of all steroids." Its very good compatibility, which is certainly due to the fact that this is an endogenous hormone that contributes to a great extent.


    The expected side effects of testosterone enanthate are to bypass minimal and usually with reasonable dosages (up to 500 mg / week). Although prostate problems and hair loss, thanks to the conversion to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in genetically predisposed individuals represent a problem, however, is to quickly get to grips with the use of finasteride ("Proscar" / ,, Propecia "). In most cases, these side effects occur, if at all, only in higher doses beyond 500 mg / week. Against a possible acne and oily skin finasteride does not help because it only blocks the enzyme of type II. Type I acts primarily in the skin and can only with a dual blockers such. B, the novel dutasteride be to get a grip. Any potential skin and Aromatisationsprobleme can also be relatively quickly reduced with the use of zinc. A daily zinc intake of 150mg per day has been found to be useful. However, this mineral is blocking the aromatase enzyme, unfortunately, only to maximum doses of 500-750mg / week, so when larger amounts be a more potent aromatase inhibitors such. B, anastrozole or exemestane, should be used.


    However, the question arises whether it makes sense to use an aromatase inhibitor during a Masseaufbaukur. Since estrogen is also on anabolic and growth hormone secretion and IGF-1 production is essential, it must be assumed that growth will be slower in perfect blocking this hormone.

    Knowing that one of the rails effect of testosterone is the IGF-1 stimulation, the athlete does, in fact, well not completely eliminate the body's own estrogen.


    Testosterone enanthate can be used during a diet to preserve maximum muscle mass and volume. It should for muscle protection, however, a 25-30% higher dosage than in the mass with screw cap structure, ideally in combination with an aromatase inhibitor. While dieting, the almost complete elimination of estrogen makes sense now, however, because it is a hindrance in fat loss in problem areas, and presses the androgen levels.


    Athletes who appreciate a well-trained appearance value and are interested in building quality muscle, testosterone enanthate can also use as athletes, where sheer mass is the intention. For a high-quality muscle building, the duration should be extended as possible longer term and lower doses are preferred. The use of testosterone enanthate 250mg every 5 days over a period of six months here promises good results. Depending on the level of development and target individuals this dose may also be at 500mg testosterone enanthate up to every 5 days.


    During this long period, the protein synthesis is properly started, the body force is slowly but steadily and the mirror image shows an ever more muscular and leaner look fat, disciplined diet and hard training, of course.


    The advantage of such a moderate amount of testosterone in combination with an extended administration period is, inter alia, that the athlete does not go from zero to sixty directly, which facilitates the deposition and subsequent muscle and strength retention. The body can get used to the extra kilos and sees this after a few months of use probably less than "unnatural ballast" to, as if he had received the same mass charged within a two- or three-month course of treatment.


    The additional use of another anabolic steroid is not necessary here. If the athlete still want to use a second hormonal agent, then offers to predominantly anabolic boldenone undecylenate undecanoic nandrolone decanoate or alternatively the.


    For beginners is testosterone enanthate no ifs and buts the steroid of first choice. Was a long time methenolone

    Enanthate ("Primobolan Depot") that for steroid novices most recommended product itself does nowadays based on improved availability and compatibility, and in particular due to the much better results that can be achieved with testosterone enanthate, this place unchallenged testosterone in. Although contact the appropriate genetic predisposition also side effects such as hair loss, acne and prostate growth, although these can often be effectively treated with an 150mg of zinc per day. It zinc as 5- acting alpha-reductase inhibitors, ie thus blocks the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone, which can be held liable for said side effects. methenolone, however, can no longer be converted as a DHT derivative, it unfolds directly after the first injection DHT typical effects and side effects.


    With a weekly injection of 250mg testosterone enanthate beginners in terms of muscle and strength building are due to its higher anabolic and androgenic effect seen far more satisfactory results than with the usual 200mg methenolone enanthate per week, Ideal way should this treatment lasting at least 16 weeks and better even at 6 months.


    This guarantees a steady increase in the solid muscles and the athlete is able cures a good muscle base for further, more aggressive steroid create. Again, it is at the discretion of the individual, may increase the dose to 500mg testosterone enanthate per week, just then, if there is already a very high ground substance, ie muscles aces available. Progress will be better at the higher dose considerably, while the side effects are not much bigger. Since testosterone enanthate for beginners derat is effectively eliminates the Hinzustak- ken of another steroid. If you still afraid of potential side effects, should complement the treatment with 150 mg of zinc per day. This reduces, as mentioned above, a possible Arornatisation to estrogen and also any dihydrotester- onbedingte negative side effects.


    Women should generally depot testosterone stay away because the long duration of action makes for quick action on emerging virilization virtually impossible. In addition, the high drug concentration is another problem. Although correspond 250mg testosterone enanthate (= testosterone + enanthate ester), only about 180mg of pure testosterone, however, these are already more than three times the amount that produces a healthy man within a week ,


    The possible masculinization can therefore be devastating. The athlete should, if they want to try testosterone, rather resort to short-acting testosterone propionate, which has a half-life of 28-30 hours is relatively low. Nevertheless, it is also recommended for testosterone propionate, spironolactone, and / or amino gluthethimid as an emergency medication to lower androgen levels have to be at emerging virilization ready.


    A double-edged sword when testosterone enanthate, as with testosterone in general, the most powerful pumping that occurs during use. Especially at higher doses of 500mg per week and upwards makes this increasingly noticeable. While a slight pump can give the athletes a thoroughly satisfying feeling too strong pump seems rather counter-productive. There is an in brisk blood flow in the trained muscle, every effort is unpleasant and negatively affects the intensity of training. This pump is partly to such an extent that the athlete the trained muscle can not even contract. Even so mundane daily activities such as Climbing stairs or brushing already cause a pumping effect in the muscles involved. To explain the greatly amplifies the pump with the increase in red blood cells which causes testosterone. For this reason, this drug is used in traditional medicine for anemia, ie anemia, prescribed, but a great advantage Selbiger property is the one with the improved blood circulation associated, increased nutrient supply to the muscles, which in turn promises an increased building and faster recovery.


    Testosterone is similar to methandrostenolone / Methandrostenolone, a so-called "Wohlfühlanabolikum" Athletes report on the use of an increased self-confidence, an increase of energy and motivation, as well as increased aggressiveness, which, unless it be allocated to the training and not on the environment is, can have a positive effect on muscle growth. Training on testosterone is fun and often mutate training muffle in use to preserve workout addict. However, this should not be forgotten that testosterone regeneration Although enormously accelerated and improved, but not a hundred percent protection from represents an overtraining syndrome, since the sticking point, as is often the central nervous system, which unfortunately will not regenerate much faster by administration of testosterone. More than four workouts per week are not necessary to stimulate an adequate muscle growth and optimal regenerate.


    Furthermore, testosterone enanthate has the big advantage that it keeps the sex drive at a high level, which not only contributes to quality of life, but also the occurrence of relationship crises verhindert- No other anabolic steroid is your sex drive come in such a positive good and the male sex hormone testosterone ,


    The use of testosterone enanthate for "bridging" of two treatments should, even if it is often recommended to not be considered. In the so-called "bridging" is bridged quasi time during a "steroid pause" to minimize muscle mass and to lose power. Usually this 250mg testosterone enanthate are injected every 2-3 weeks. While this approach works, and a larger part of the established mass and strength is obtained, however, the hypothalamic-pituitary-testicular axis can not regenerate in this procedure what should be the purpose of a steroid break, the body noticed the exogenous supply and considers it is still not necessary to start its own production. Maintaining a complete post-cycle therapy would be more appropriate here. Only the intake of HCG can in center of a cure and are drawn in the last two weeks before the end into consideration. HCG helps the testicles, back to the original size rediscover what is considered to be a key factor in the recovery of its own production. Open this subject in the chapter "The correct settling" read.


    As mentioned above, the expected side effects of testosterone enanthate application are quite low. Although theoretically oily skin, acne, prostate growth, negative effect on blood lipid levels, increased body hair growth, loss of scalp hair, increased blood pressure, increased risk of fat and water retention in excessive dosage, gynecomastia, virilization in women, premature closure of the growth plates in adolescents, sexual hyperstimulation on the psyche ("Superman Syndrome" and excessive aggressiveness, not only in the training room) are possible with prolonged erections and possibly negative effect, so the bulk of the specified side effects can by choosing moderate doses, or by the use of 1 50mg of zinc per day are easily urngangen.

    Only at weekly injection quantities beyond the 1000mg brand, the athlete will see increasingly confronted with negative side effects. While testosterone enanthate is metabolized by the liver, a negative influence on this, however, is not given, so that an increase in liver enzymes is not expected, even at extremely high doses. This circumstance makes testosterone enanthate, as in the rest all injectable testosterone esters and dissolved in oil, the ideal Langzeitanabolikum. Since neither a negative influence is demonstrated on the kidneys, is testosterone enanthate definitely in a very safe steroid. Not for nothing testosterone enanthate Profibodybuüder use for years with virtually no interruption.




    Dosage and administration


    Beginner use 250mg per week and thus achieve good results in terms of solid muscle. Depending on the expectations of the individual can be ratcheted up on 500mg per week, this amount because the possible side effects are not much bigger. Who chooses 500mg, 500mg full injected once a week, with one injection every 5 days, or even 250 mg every three days quite make sense to achieve a kosta direct drug levels in the blood. The addition of another steroid eating deleted.


    Advanced and amateur athletes use 500mg every 5 days, which is more than enough to gain an impressive beach body. Again, adding a further anabolic steroid not required. If you still insists the will of good service 400mg Boldenone Undecylenat- per week. Ambitious athletes, professional athletes and professional bodybuilders use doses of 1000-2000mg per week. In this dose range, there is a distinct water retention, which explains why many professionals as well as bodybuilders at the national level in the development phase have a speaking literally inflated and soft look. In most cases, the testosterone enanthate in the bulk phase with growth hormone and often combined insulin, nandrolone decanoate may still be hinzugestackt. With such a stack training in the construction phase is of course excellent and it comes to the desired mass increase, since during this period is the protein and calorie intake at the maximum. Aromatase inhibitors are not used in the process of establishing itself in 1000-2000mg per week usually in order to fully benefit from the IGF-1 enhancing effect of estrogen. The excessive fat deposition is prevented by the parallel administration of growth hormone. More on this topic in the "IGF-1" and "HGH, Somatropin" profiles. Women should avoid testosterone enanthate due to its strong androgenicity and long casting time. If you want to use as a woman necessarily testosterone, selects the better short-acting testosterone propionate.






    Since exogenous testosterone generally has a strong influence on testosterone-house production, should be placed on an intensive post-cycle therapy following value. In the middle and two weeks before the end of the treatment can be superior to the use of HCG in an existing testicular shrinkage. Shortly after Kurende the athlete should start taking clomiphene and / or tamoxifen citrate and use anti-catabolic agents such as vitamin C, aspirin and / or phosphatidylserine.


    A creatine and glutamine for maintaining the muscle cell volume is also advisable as the use of an aromatase inhibitor to reduce the estrogen and to ensure a quick recovery of the hypothalamic-pituitary-testicular axis.



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