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PrimoJect, Methenolone Enanthate, 1000mg/10ml, EUROCHEM, Primobolan

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    Side effects Primobolan:

    all steroid side effects typical,

    particularly oily skin


    Body hair growth and

    Fail of the scalp



    Primobolan is mainly an oral, by dihydrotestosterone (DIHK) derived steroid, which is now no longer officially sold in Europe as Schering Germany's production in 2002 officially set as the last remaining European manufacturers.

    Advanced athletes and professional bodybuilders are unlikely to bemoan this drug a tear, he was known almost exclusively for its extremely low building effect. In the steroid Primobolan cures ambitious bodybuilder that has long played no role. Only beginners, women and possibly one or the other competitive bodybuilders will miss him.


    The steroid Primobolan, whether in the injectable acetate or enanthate version or oral acetate form, is a low anabolic, but stronger androgenic steroid, presumed to be a long time. Since it does not aromatize, rapid mass growth and a sharp increase in force from the outset are completely excluded. Rather Primobolan causes a slight, uniform muscle growth over a longer period of time. Because Primobolan can throttle the body's own testosterone production rather quickly, should be placed on an adequate post-cycle therapy value after use to preserve a maximum mass of newly acquired.


    Absolute steroid novices can achieve satisfactory results in tablet form with a daily dose of 75-100mg Primobolan.


    If the injectable form used doses of 50mg or 100mg each every other day are common. If you have never used steroids, may vary depending on exercise intensity and nutrient intake quite down with one half of this drug during three months of treatment a few pounds of solid muscle mass.


    Because Primobolan, as mentioned above, not flavored, the user will also notice an improvement in form, ie a lower percentage of body fat per se. But only if he does not exaggerate the supply of nutrients and, salop said during the cure is not "fat eaten" has. As for the power, this will increase only slowly and gradually, ie it should therefore also no big jumps are expected ,


    Competitive bodybuilders use this drug for some time, assuming that it improves their general form. Primobolan which is said to have fat burning properties, but these are absolutely incomprehensible. Whether the athlete tablets now swallows or applying it locally using a DMSO-containing ointment to the muscles., Triggered by this fat burning ingredient is unfortunately only wishful thinking and lacks any scientific basis. Nevertheless, some competitive bodybuilders continue to use the Primobolan in preparation for a competition with up to 300mg daily (orally).


    Because Primobolan, as previously mentioned, certainly developing a strongly androgenic effect, it can help bring about a slight improvement in overall muscle strength in advanced athletes. However, when you consider that in preparing for a competition even more predominantly androgenic steroids are used, it will be appreciated that the Primobolan completely goes here. Those who have already downed a bottle of brandy, which does not need behind a glass of beer. Likewise, Primobolan can save in the competition preparation.


    As a woman you have it thanks to the complete production of Primobolan stops in Europe now even harder, because this steroid was for many years the most popular substances in the women's field. Although caused one to four tablets daily (equivalent to 25-100 mg / day) a solid muscle gain in females, but these increases were also often associated with a number of unwanted side effects, eg. As in a deepening of the voice, which were able to loss of scalp hair felt. Similar to the case stanozolol (see also corresponding profile) has been preserved here way too long the myth maintains that steroids are mild in terms of muscle growth, also need to be mild side effects in terms. Now that there are a number of more suitable steroids for women, the bemoan will keep behind Primobolan here probably limited.


    The potential side effects of this steroid is based on its DHT typical androgenic effect. Worthy of mention oily skin, hair growth on the body as well as precipitation of the hair. As a matter of fact. is the active ingredient Primobolan, as Stanozotol, another DHT-derivative, especially known for its effect in relation to a possible loss of hair. Despite the fact that it is an oral steroid at metenolone acetate, only a minimum toxic effect is given to the liver. The reason is that the tablets are not 17-alpha-alkylated, which simultaneously provides the explanation for why a relatively high amount of drug, compared to injectable version, must be supplied in the oral version. Experience shows that 6 tablets daily (equivalent 150my active ingredient) taken over a week to provide similar results as if Primobolan enanthate are injected weekly 200-300.


    What the current availability of Primobolan Aceta '! terms, we can say with certainty that the last produced by Schering Germany "Primobolan S." - tablets since disappeared from the black market only counterfeits from still and offered to even, that the world's only remaining and officially by Schering in South Africa and Japanese-made "Primobolan" tablets 5mg (JP) and 25mg (ZA) in this country are offered for the local market, is highly unlikely.


    The Thai Linter from basic laboratory "British Dragon" long time sold "Primobol" with 50mg per tablet will also no longer be available after the closure in December 2006.

    From the Russian underground stem "Primobolan Tablets" of "British Pharm".


    Also from the Russian underground stems "Primabolin" of Hubei Huangshi Nanshang Pharmaceuticals Co., which claims to come from China and Primobolan 5mg should contain per tablet. An independent analysis could not detect any drug.


    From Turkey, comes "Primo 100" of the "European Dispensary". This product is currently one of deuces in Europe that offers the active ingredient in injectable form.


    In Mexico, Primobolan is also still available, but it is highly unlikely that these products find their way to the German market.


    Dosage and administration


    Steroid novices use 75-150mg per day, which corresponds to 3-6 tablets of 25mg. It is recommended that the daily dose to split on three administration times throughout the day to ensure a uniform drug levels in the blood. If the acetate injectable version is used, usually come 50mg per day or 100mg every other day to use.

    Women use 25-100mg (tablets) per day or inject Primobolan 25-100mg every other day, the androgenic effect of the drug itself, however, should be aware of.


    Advanced athletes use this drug usually not more. If you want to use an anabolic steroid basis, instead chooses nandrolone decanoate Boldenone undecylenate or.


    In competitive athletes Primobolan is still in a daily dose of 150-300mg orally or applied locally (using a DMSO-containing cream) use, even if the desired effect is likely to be relatively small.




    Because Primobolan can greatly interfere with the hormonal balance and disrupt the body's Testosteronprodukion quickly and effectively, an intensive post-cycle therapy is useful.


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