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Anavar (Oxandrolone) HUBEI - 50 tabs / 10 mg

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    Anavar - make oxandrolone substances reported in 1964 is marketed by Searle under the name Anavar. Over ten years this substance has enjoyed great popularity, and until 1 July 1989, when its production was halted. Anavar today produced under different names in several countries.


    Anavar is lightweight with a very soft wag steroid androgen action. It was in fact developed for women and children. Anavar is one of the few steroids which do not cause children predstasne stop the growth, because not locking slit epiphysis at the end of the bone. For this reason, oxandrolone put on especially for children to stimulate growth and in women with osteoporosis. Anavar causes no or very little virilization symptoms.

    Anavar not aromatized to estrogens. Some athletes call for regular diarrhea. Anavar does not even at very high doses no influence on the endogenous testosterone production, does not suppress the production organism.

    Anavar has weak androgenic effects, so it causes very strong increases in strength but without excessive weight gain, because it does not cause almost no retention in the body. Anavar itself does not cause a qualitatively significant change in muscle mass. However, according to the latest studies, the obtained mass is maintained for a long time. It does not even apply for higher and longer-term use. This substance does not affect the endogenous production of testosterone in short-term and low-dose use. However, long-term use is a common atrophy of testes.


    Anavar dosage:


    The foreign materials mentioned several possible misuse, mostly in combination with other agents. Anavar itself does not cause a significant qualitative change in muscle mass or administration a daily dose in the range 10-25 mg, but for example in the use together with fluoxymesterone and clenbuterol hydrochloride are given excellent results in obtaining the hardness and density of muscle mass. If you are abused, together with nandrolone phenylpropionate or testosterone means, allegedly the result tend to be large, quality muscle gain and extremely fast muscle regeneration after excessive and extremely intense training load.

    Side effects of Anavar:

    Side effects against other substances are rather weak, most often acne is reported and have a very strong effect on the gastrointestinal tract (at higher doses), so when taking oxandrolone, frequent diarrhea is often mentioned. As one of the few steroids, anavar promotes the growth of muscle myofibrils, especially for long-term cycles of about 2-3 months. It is especially suitable for the second half of the cycle, but it can also be used for the whole. Efficiency on the positive nitrogen balance is also minimal. It supports the formation of creatine phosphate and increases its supply in the muscle. It is particularly suitable for dieting, but also for volume. It dampens the feeling of hunger and, according to the latest studies, it also has mildly thawing effects.


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